LUKAS hydraulic steel construction

As one of the leading providers in the specialist field of hydraulic steel construction, we are a competent partner for systems of all sizes. Our complete hydraulic steel construction equipment or individual elements impress with their functionality, quality, reliability and design.


Individual hydraulic steel construction elements are required to protect the turbine and direct the water flow. Our contactor panels are low-noise and environmentally friendly, characterized by low wear and low-cost maintenance. LUKAS gates ensure fail-safe operation even under the toughest conditions.

We manufacture gates in different variations, single or multi-part designs – classic gates and gates with attached jam flap. The drive is provided by electrical or hydraulic systems; smaller systems, especially for private use, can also be driven mechanically. With our gates, you know that the water level of your power plant is permanently secured.

LUKAS gate at a glance:

  • Sliding gate
  • Roller shooter
  • Single gate
  • Double gate
  • gates with attached jam flap
  • Pipe gate
  • Horizontal gate
  • Rotary gate
  • Mitre gate
  • Vertical flaps

Jam flaps

LUKAS water level gates are equipped with the latest automation technology and have been perfected for level control of reservoirs. The water level can be conveniently and reliably adjusted to suit the prevailing conditions.

Despite the large forces exerted on the system structure by the accumulated water masses, trouble-free operation is ensured at all times. We develop our wickets cleverly with advantageous geometry and robust construction. This results in low maintenance requirements and a long service life. High-quality materials are used for LUKAS wickets.

LUKAS wickets at a glance:

  • Flap drive via hydraulic cylinder or electric lifting cylinder
  • Easily replaceable seals
  • Vacuum ventilation duct
  • Jet disperser on the overflow edge
  • Overload valve and float for high water release – even in the event of total power failure
  • Heatable side sliding plates if required to prevent them from freezing in winter

Deflector systems

LUKAS flotsam deflectors reliably protect turbine inlets from flotsam or floating ice. We offer various systems and are therefore able to implement the right deflector solution for every hydropower plant. Our deflectors consist of specially designed pontoons or floating beams.

Our floating beam flotsam deflectors are particularly suitable for water inlets with fluctuating water levels. The flotsam or drift ice is passed on by the stream, which is triggered by the deflector. Manual removal is therefore not necessary. For larger hydropower plants, we offer floating beam constructions that can also be used as a control bridge or for operating the plant.

Our floating deflectors are made of tubular steel and are available in individual lengths, including galvanized corrosion protection.

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