LUKAS Automation

Today, individual automation solutions are needed to ensure the safe and stable operation of hydropower plants. LUKAS automation increases overall efficiency, reduces operating costs and extends service life.

Turbine regulator

For decades, we have been supplying the hydropower market with turbine governor solutions for every turbine type and size, whether as part of modernization measures or for new plants. LUKAS turbine controllers impress with modern signal processing logic, controllers with open and closed control loops and important features such as frequency control for the grid.

All common operating modes are covered: opening, power, level and flow control, as well as island, surge and flush operation. Operation is convenient via digital graphical user interfaces. In addition, a remote maintenance function enables rapid problem analysis and rectification if required.

Generator switchgear

The design, construction and manufacture of switchgear is a passionate standard for us. With our own developed generator switchgear, we enable permanent smooth operation of the hydropower plant. We rely on standardized software components in combination with optimized control systems specifically tailored to customer requirements. All low-voltage systems are planned, manufactured and programmed in-house.

We are an experienced and valued partner for conversions and the integration of new system components into all types of control systems, including third-party systems. Our service portfolio includes the supply, installation and commissioning of medium-voltage systems as well as integration into new or existing systems.

Control systems for hydraulic steelwork

We specialize in the control of hydraulic steel structures.

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Low-voltage systems from 5 kW to 5 MW
  • Static excitation devices
  • Modernization of exciter machines through the use of electronic control devices
  • Turbine controls for all turbine types such as Francis, Kaplan, Reiffenstein, Pelton and Ossberger
  • Water level controller, positioner, island operation, gradient-controlled Kaplan curve
  • Turbine optimization for multi-machine operation
  • Switchgear and control systems for asynchronous/synchronous generators
  • Special voltages
  • Control systems for emergency power diesel, gas and CHP plants
  • Fixed compensations for asynchronous generators
  • Self-regulating compensation systems for asynchronous and PM generators
  • Process visualizations and remote controls
  • GSM notification systems
  • Camera surveillance

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